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Enterprise rent a car


People who live in the U.S. and rent vehicles have likely heard of Enterprise – they are the largest rental company in the country. But being the biggest doesn’t mean they forget about their customers and hike up their prices. They offer very affordable rates and you’ll especially love them whenever you find Enterprise car rental coupons to use.

Brief History of Enterprise

The company’s headquarters are in the Greater St. Louis area in Missouri. Jack Taylor founded the company back in 1957 under the name Executive Leasing Company, and it wasn’t known as Enterprise until it was changed in 1969. The new name was based on the fact that the founder served on the USS Enterprise in the second World War.

Enterprise currently enjoys the top position in the car rental market in the United States. There are well over 5,000 locations in various cities as well as 400 airport locations. Not only are they based in the United States, but other countries as well such as Spain, Germany, Ireland, Canada, and the UK.

Enterprise Isn’t Just About Renting Cars

The company rose to prominence by renting out all sorts of vehicles, including trucks, but they’ve since expanded their business to include other operations such as car sales. They now sell vehicles that have been retired or replaced from their fleet. Organizations that make use of vehicles can also turn to Enterprise for commercial fleet management.

Savings for Enterprise

You can definitely save money when renting by using an Enterprise car rental printable coupon. Simply find a deal, print it out, and take it to one of their many locations. Customers can find offers right on their website as well. When renting on the weekend, you can get amazing rates starting at just $9.99, and you can also save up to $75 off when renting a vehicle for more than a month. Finding an Enterprise rent a car coupon isn’t challenging if you have an idea where to look.

The Enterprise Car Rental Website

Enterprise.com is their official website, and reservations are quick and easy after filling out basic information about your pickup and return. If you get the Enterprise mobile app, then the reservation process will be even more convenient. It doesn’t matter if you have an iOS or Android device since the app is available for both.

Don’t leave the website before you’ve signed up for their newsletter, especially if you plan on renting a few times in the future. By joining the newsletter, you will receive special Enterprise car rental deals right in your inbox.

If you’re on social media, then you can also connect with the brand on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube. Often they announce Enterprise car rental coupons on social media outlets.

Get Rewarded for Your Loyalty

In addition to finding an Enterprise car rental promo code online, frequent customers should definitely consider joining Enterprise Plus, the company’s loyalty program. Every time you get a new rental, then you will earn points towards rental rewards. You can redeem these rewards on any date that you desire since there aren’t any blackout dates.

Carsharing Made Easy
Back in 2008, the company established its carsharing program for college campuses. The first location was in St. Louis at Washington University, and it has since expanded and been rebranded as WeCar. Currently, there are more than 100 such programs all over the country, and Enterprise has been a trailblazer within the industry.