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E-Z Rent-A-Car


E-Z Rent-A-Car is on a mission to provide the very best value when it comes to car rentals. They have locations in the United States and countries around the world to serve customer’s needs. If you’re looking to avoid paying full price for your reservation, then you will need to use an E-Z car rental coupon, which are fairly easy to come by.

Company History

The company has been in the car rental business for decades. The original location was at the Orlando International Airport, where at first the E-Z only had nine vehicles in its fleet to rent out to customers. After starting small, the company has expanded all over the country and now the world, becoming one of the top brands in the rental market.

Although the company has experienced massive growth since its humble beginnings, it still isn’t satisfied with its current state. E-Z is always looking to expand into new markets, and the website provides customers with information about current and upcoming locations.

One of the company’s main goals is to make sure customers feel that they’re getting an excellent deal with their rental. To this end, they provide convenient rental processes backed by late-model vehicles in the fleet. When consumers need help, the company makes sure to provide excellent customer service also.

Use an E-Z Rent-a-Car Coupon

Customers can save money by using E-Z Rent a car rental coupons. The most common discount is 10% off, but when renting for the weekend, you could save up to 5%. The company also provides savings for both students and school employees to the tune of 5%. Seniors can save 5% automatically whenever they use the company’s services. Find an E-Z car rental promo code to optimize your potential savings.

Earn Rewards for Renting

There’s a good reason people rent with the company and keep coming back. This is due to their E-Z money rewards program. Members of the program not only have access to special deals, but they also enjoy an instant E-Z rent a car discount with their reservation. The points that are accumulated can be redeemed for free rentals at any time, so you don’t have to worry about certain blackout dates.

The E-Z Car Website

To quickest way to make a reservation with the company is to visit their website at E-Zrentacar.com. You’ll find the brand in most major airports around the United States, and see exactly which locations they serve upon visiting the website.

The company knows that just a few different makes and models of vehicles won’t fit all of its customers’ needs, which is why they offer such a wide array. The website gives visitors the ability to search through the company’s entire fleet as well as get information on specific cars such as its gas mileage capabilities, number of passengers that can fit inside, and its luggage capacity. You can also check out the fleet based in a particular location. Plus, you can find other specials or a E-Z rent a car coupon.

While on the website, you may also want to check out their official blog to pick up travel information and tips. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest happenings with the company by joining them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, where they sometimes share E-Z car rental coupons.