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Avis rent a car


Avis is not only a major car rental agency in the United States, but it’s the second largest in the entire world. No matter where you happen to be traveling, you can find safe, reliable transportation to suit your needs with Avis. This transportation is even more affordable when you get it on a deal using an Avis Car Rental coupon.

Company History

The company is officially named Avis Rent a Car System, but they are most commonly referred to simply as Avis. Warren Avis founded it back in 1948 when he started renting out three cars at a small airport in Michigan. It didn’t take very long for him to become successful – within just five years, the company had become the second largest of its kind in the country, and within ten years, international offices were opened in Mexico, Canada, and parts of Europe.

These days, the company is owned by Avid Budget Group, which owns a number of other car rental brands such as Budget Rent a Car and Budget Truck Rental. The brand operates in places all over the world such as Australia, New Zealand, India, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Example Discounts for Avis Car Rental

If you’re looking to save money, then the best way is to make use of Avis car rental coupons and discounts. You could save up to 30% off your rental or use a deal that saves you 35% and enrolls you in the Avis Preferred program, which saves you even more in the future. It’s easy to find an Avis car rental promo code and save loads on your travel plans, plus customers who pay in advance can use a code that gives them a discount worth 30%.

The Avis Car Rental Website

The official website is located at Avis.com, and the main page gives you the ability to make reservations or modify ones that you’ve already made. The website is mobile-optimized, so it’s safe to visit from your phone or other mobile device and find an Avis rent a car coupon.

As previously mentioned, the company has locations all over the globe. You can find the nearest suitable location for you by using the locator feature on the website. The standard website serves customers located within the United States, but there’s a dropdown box so you can choose other countries if you need to.

If you’re already on the website, then you should follow the instructions to join their official email newsletter. Those who become members will be sent special deals such as Avis car rental printable coupons. Fans and followers on social media networks also get news regarding special deals.

The absolute best way to save though is to become an Avis preferred member. Every time you spend money towards renting a vehicle, you earn points to redeem for free rentals or other rewards. Joining the program also entitles you to rent cars much more conveniently as you won’t have to stand in line with everyone else.

Plan Your Trips More Easily

Avis has recently started offering the Avis TripIt service. You can use the service to have all of your travel plans located in one place whether they’re airline tickets, car rentals, or hotel accommodations. Using the service makes keeping track of your plans more easy, but you can also use it to rent vehicles faster and keep track of Avis car rental coupons and discounts.