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Alamo rent a car


Alamo is one of the largest companies in the U.S. serving the car rental market. They typically target customers who are traveling internationally or on business, although many vacationers use them as well. Using an Alamo Rent a Car coupon is an easy way to save money that you can then use for your other expenses like food, drinks, or room and board.

Company History

Alamo started back in 1974 and was confined to Florida, although they had several locations throughout the state. They allowed customers unrestricted mileage when renting cars, which ultimately propelled them to popularity. These days, the company operates all over the world. They’re the most popular car rental agency for international travelers on North American soil, with locations not only in the United States, but Mexico and Canada as well. They also have international hubs in Australia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Central America, making it easy for international and domestic travelers alike.

Example Discounts for Alamo Car Rental

Customers who use Alamo Rent a Car discount codes stand to save some money on their rental, and the company frequently has offers right on its website. If you plan on traveling in Latin America, you may want to take them up on their offer for $15 off a 3-day rental. Customers could also save 10% by making their reservation and paying ahead of time. They also offer 30% off your rental of a minivan, SUV, or convertible. Alamo car rental coupons mean you can focus more on your travel experience and less on the financial ins and outs.  

The Alamo Car Rental Website

Their official website is, and visitors will find it incredibly easy to use an Alamo car rental coupon and make reservations. Simply select a pickup location, date, and time, and you’re ready to go. Consumers also like the fact that the company offers online check-in, which can certainly save a lot of time when you’re on the go. All you need to do at the counter is show your driver’s license and you’ll soon be ready to drive off.

Frequent travelers looking for a way to save without necessarily having to use Alamo Rent a Car coupon codes should look into joining the Insider program. Members automatically receive 5% off all of their rentals and there is no cost to join the program.

While on the website, make sure that you take the opportunity to sign up for their official newsletter. You’ll soon start receiving useful deals right to your inbox. They also send out announcements via social media sites, so joining them is also a good way to get your hands on an Alamo car rental promo code. They’re active on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Alamo Offers Tons of Travel Information

Alamo also aims to be the go-to destination for people going on vacation. Their website is stocked with helpful information if you’re looking to go on a trip. Take a look at their travel guide so you can compare some of the most popular destinations to visit. The tips section is also worth checking out to make sure that you start your trip off on the right track.

Alamo Makes a Nice Car Buying Alternative

Those who aren’t just looking to rent a car but possibly purchase one should still check the company out. There are now used cars from Alamo Rent-a-Car available through Enterprise Car sales, and they have approximately 5,000 used cars in their fleet. Plus, most are no more than three years old, so you’ll get a great deal on a practically new car.